Middle Class People Need Prenups More than Rich People


This is kind of a follow up to my previous post. As a divorce attorney I often watch people lose assets in a divorce. That can be devastating for anyone but it can be more devastating for middle class individuals. This is why they need to think about a prenup. I know you have heard or even said “prenups are for the rich.” True the rich do get prenups but see if a rich person is worth $10 million and loses $5 million they still have $5 million so they should be ok. But if a middle class person has $50,000 and loses $25,000 they will not be ok. The middle class has far fewer assets/wealth than the rich folk you see in the tabloids. This is why the middle class should protect those assets even more than richies. We live in a society where people do not save as much as they should or plan for retirement. So the little you may have put aside you probably want to make sure you hold on to it. You cannot afford to lose half of you have.


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