Yes, You Need Two Lawyers for a Prenup

I have recently had several conversations with individuals seeking prenups. When the topic of having their intended have a lawyer to look over the prenup comes up these prenup seekers no longer want to get a prenup. They always ask if it is really necessary for their potential partner in crime have a lawyer. The short answer is, yes! If you want to have a good chance at making your prenup enforceable should the D word rear its ugly head a good way of doing that is making sure both parties knew exactly what they were signing. This helps to invalidate any claims that the other person was forced into signing or that the prenup was unfair. People often want to bypass the second lawyer because they do not want any negotiations. Yes, negotiations can increase the fees and the time it takes to finalize a prenup (another reason to get a prenup done well in advance of the wedding day) but if you are serious about protecting what you have then that may be what you have to do. Without a second look you run the risk of having an invalid prenup and what is the point in that? So save yourself the trouble, get two lawyers.



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