Prenup Myth #6: Christians Don’t Need Prenups Because Christians Don’t Get Divorced, Right?

I was recently at Bible study when a woman who was going through a divorce wanted to ask me a few questions. We talked for a bit and afterwards she said “if I get married again I’m just going to do a prenup. This has been just too much, at least with a prenup everything is already figured out.”

The topic of a prenup when you are a practicing Christian can be a tough one. Many believe that Christians shouldn’t get prenups because well Christians aren’t supposed to get divorced. While that thinking may have some logic behind it is not based in reality. As a divorce attorney I can tell you for a fact that Christians do indeed get divorced, many Christians to be truthful. I can barely escape Sunday service without someone asking for some divorce advice. Now I am not judging (that wouldn’t be Christian of me) people are entitled to make their decisions. My point is that people need to realize that being a Christian does not mean you are perfect. In a perfect world no Christians would get divorced. But that is not where we live nor who we are as people.

There is nothing wrong with believing that you will stay married forever and forever whether based on religious beliefs or not. That is actually how you are supposed to think of marriage. But don’t buy into the myth of “Christians don’t get divorced.” Chances are you know several Christians that are divorced or going through a divorce. Depending on what study you read the divorce rate among Christians is either identical to the US divorce rate or is slightly higher. The Bible doesn’t address prenups so your decision to get one is between you God and your fiancé.


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  1. Great article! You really did a great job writing this.
    I’m certain this will come in handy for a lot of your readers.
    Btw, I shared this on my Facebook page. Again, I appreciate you writing this!

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