PreNup Myth #3: Only Men ask for Prenups

dondraper prenup

When most people think about a prenup they think of the man looking to protect his wealth from his future bride. Well I hate to burst your bubble but that is no longer the case, especially today. More and more women are asking for their future husbands to sign prenups. Yes that is right, women can and do ask for men to sign prenups. In many cities across the US women are earning more than their male counterparts. Because of this women are looking to protect their assets in case their happily ever after comes to an end. I have seen an increase in women wanting prenups and I think that goes to show that times are changing. So Ladies, know that you too can ask for a prenup.


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  1. Custody cannot be established in a prenuptial agreement. That s right, for men, the most precious thing in this world cannot be protected by a prenup. This is an unspoken truth that men are not made aware of before they marry. Women have a lot more equality in the workforce than what men have within their own families. In the eyes of the courts, men are second class citizens when it comes to being parents.

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