How to “Protect” Your Love this Valentine’s Day

It is officially February 1st. The month of Love, the countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. There will be a lot of proposals happening on the 14th. Even if you are not proposing or being prosed to, there are some ways you can protect your love.

Get a prenup. Everyone knows what these are. If you are engaged or will be getting engaged, a prenup is a great way to protect both of you, in case forever does not actually happen.

Co-habitation agreements. Not getting married but living together? Co-habitation agreements are the prenups for the not marrying. It can lay out who gets the property you accumulate while in relationship and/or even how things will be paid for in the relationship.

Co-ownership agreement. Lots of couples decide to buy a home together outside of being married. Having an agreement in place regarding the home is a great idea. What happens in case of a breakup? Who buys who out? Who will pay for repairs? So much to consider.

Wherever you are in your relationship there are ways to help make sure you are protected.

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