Who and What is the Wedding Lawyer

The Seattle Wedding Lawyer is no other than myself, Kristina Larry, Managing Attorney of Sassy Litigations, LLC  (The Seattle Wedding Lawyer’s parent brand). I also go by the PreNup Princess . I take my knowledge of the law and mix it with my love of event planning and weddings to help couples and wedding vendors have successful events.

Why have a Wedding Lawyer?

For couples: There are so many details to a wedding that have legal implications. Having a wedding lawyer helps to alleviate issues that can arise.

One such issue is having vendor contracts. Having proper vendor contracts is extremely important and can save a lot of time, money, and heartache. The average couple signs 20+ contracts in planning their wedding and they often do not read what they sign. There are also liability issues to worry about.  Do you want to have a “weed wedding”? Do you know what you can and cannot do? What about some basic planning needs? There are only two ways out of marriage; death and divorce.

Both require some planning.   New couples who are intertwining their estates need to get a will or even a prenup to address those changes. Or maybe you decide you just cannot go through with it. Sometimes unfortunate situations happen and a couple needs to call off the wedding. I can help mediate disputes between the couple; or help to mitigate damage between the couple and vendors. Do you know who gets to keep the engagement ring?  Have another big event? Birthday party, bachelorette party, baby shower, etc.? I can help with that too. All events have legal issues that get over looked.

You can watch this interview of me, for more on why you need a wedding lawyer.

For Vendors: Wedding vendors are some of my favorite people to work with. Why? Because they are often small businesses, entrepreneurs, or solopreneurs and these are my favorite types of businesses. Being a wedding vendors has it’s own unique set challenges. Having an attorney who understands that is important. Vendors need to make sure their craft has gone from hobby to business. There are contracts that need to be drafted. What happens if a couple is not happy with your service? Are you just thinking about starting a wedding vendor business and you need some advice? That is what a wedding lawyer is for.


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