Seattle’s Love is Blind and a Called off Engagement

If you are into reality TV like I am you have probably been invested in Netflix’s Love Is Blind since the pandemic. Now that the show is set in Seattle, I feel a bit more invested. I’ve been getting up extra early to catch the new episodes on Fridays.

I have already binged the latest 3 episodes and it’s now even 9 am yet. But something interesting happened in the second episode and it is a question I get often.


If you have not finished the new episodes don’t keep reading.




So, another couple ended their relationship before they even got to the alter. Marshall and Jackie called it quits, mostly Jackie. Jackie called it quits. Though I am not sure that is a surprise for most who have been watching. Marshall asked for the engagement ring back, but Jackie said she was going to keep it.

Now, in Washington, an engagement ring would probably be considered what is called a conditional gift. A gift given on the condition that marriage happens. If there is no marriage, then the ring should be given back to the person who gave it or the person who purchased it (because some do buy their own ring).

Why keep a ring from someone you are not going to marry that you only knew for 20 days? Who knows, but that is why I love the drama of Love is Blind.


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