Does a prenup cause the wedding to be called off?

I was recently sitting with a couple of women and when they found out what I did as a profession they both had the question; “Do a lot of couples break up when faced with a prenup?”

I wouldn’t say a lot but some do and it is not for the reason you imagine. When it comes to a prenup both parties are asked to be completely open, honest, and transparent. That can be scary; but it is also very necessary. Think about it, you are about to spend the rest of your life with this person, don’t you want to know where they stand on certain important issues? Finances are one of the biggest reasons marriages fall apart and many couples talk very little about finances before marriage. A prenuptial agreement forces couples to talk about finances, lifestyle, expectations, and more. Sometimes when you dig deep into those topics you realize maybe you are not compatible. So some couples break up; but many see it as opportunity to grow as couple.

Now there are also those couples who break up over the prenup simply because it’s a prenup. Often times the prenup is sprung on the other person and leaves them feeling blindsided. Sometimes one person feels hurt at the thought of a prenup. Or they simply are after the money so good riddance. Most of these issues could be solved by actually having a conversation or two before you get engaged. Let your intended know you are thinking about a prenup before you actually get engaged.

The bottom line is, If a couple is going to break up because of something in a prenup better to find out before the wedding instead of after 5, 10, or 20 years of marriage.


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