Introducing the Seattle Wedding Lawyer

So you may be asking yourself, what is a wedding lawyer? Well let me tell you; a wedding lawyer deals with all things wedding, whether you are the happy couple or a wedding vendor.

Weddings can be stressful and expensive. More often than not important issues get overlooked or they are not even thought about until after the wedding day. A wedding lawyer can help you save money and time. One such way is by having vendor contracts. Check out our blog post on the Importance of a Wedding Cake Contract. Whether you need a vendor contract reviewed or you need to know what you should have a contract for, a wedding lawyer can help.

Weddings are not only about contracts. There are laws around destination weddings and even having a wedding in the park or in your backyard. New couples also need to get a will, a wedding lawyer can draft that.  Is there going to be a pre-nuptial agreement? Need it reviewed? Call the wedding lawyer.

Need to call off the wedding? A wedding lawyer can help mediate disputes between the Bride and Groom; or help to mitigate damage between the couple and vendors. Do you know who gets to keep the engagement ring? A wedding lawyer can help with that too.


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