In a Throwaway Society a Prenup is Just Good Insurance


Prenups are often given a bad rap. I get it, no one wants to plan for a divorce while planning for a wedding.  But no one wants to plan for death while living life but a will is still a necessity. I’m not saying divorce is as certain as death but it’s a strong likelihood. We live in a throwaway society and because of that marriages have become throw away.

We live in a world of if it’s broken throw it away. We always want the next best thing. We get the newest smartphone before our old one is even out of the box. We buy movie tickets online so we can bypass waiting in a 5 minute line. We are always looking for what is new, what is next, and what is now. Unfortunately that mentality has moved into our marriages.

Today couples divorce for various reasons, I am not saying that there are not some valid reasons, but for the most part it’s because no one works to stay married. If it’s not working toss it and move on to another one. Marriage is work it requires a strong work ethic.  The work ethic of society has changed, we get to work late, spend hours on social media instead of working, and we spend more time working from home in our PJs than in an actual work environment. Many people expect to be handed raises and promotions without putting in the work. That has crossed into marriages. Couples expect things to change and get better without actually trying. Commonly people say “we fell out of love” or “we grew apart” if that is the case it’s because the couple did not work at “staying in love” or “growing together”. So instead of trying, people just get a new spouse. Instead of talking it out after an argument they throw around the word divorce as if it’s an easy solution.  We want our marriage fixed now or else we are moving on to what is next and new.

The divorce rate is still hovering around 50% (depending), those are not great odds in case you didn’t know, so why not plan for the worst and get a prenup? If you never need it great, but in case the worst happens at least you will be prepared. A prenup can save on divorce costs, it can protect your business if you own one, and they can help protect your estate. You buy insurance for your car, home, and health just in case. A prenup is insurance “just in case”, don’t throw away your future when the odds are already working against you.




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