3 Issues Not To Overlook When Planning Your Wedding

With wedding season about to hit full swing with the coming of June; I figured now was a good time to help couples think of the things they often overlook while planning a wedding. Here are 3 issues that often get overlooked.

  1. Get a prenup. Yes, yes, yes, I know how unromantic. I’m so tired of hearing that. A prenup is a valuable tool in planning for a successful marriage. What!?! Yes it can be beneficial to your marriage. Here’s why, a prenup forces couples to think about finances, spending, and the future. Things that are often overlooked when getting married. And we all know money problems often lead to divorce. For more on this visit my other site: www.prenupprincess.com.
  2. Read your Contracts. Or better yet hire The Seattle Wedding Lawyer to do it for you. Couples are signing dozens upon dozens of contracts when getting married. Cake, dress, venue, DJ, photographer, the contract selling your first born to actually cover the cost of your wedding, etc. Most people don’t read them and that can be detrimental if things take a turn for the worst. Understanding what you are signing and making sure that it is fair can lead to a happier wedding. Check out this interview for more on this.
  3. Be a Social Host. Are you having your wedding in your home? Are you serving alcohol? Will there be marijuana? Yes I asked about marijuana. With it now being legal many people are incorporating into their weddings, check out this post for more. Know what Social Host Liability entails.

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