Is Social Media Going To Ruin Your Marriage?

socia media

Social media is becoming a leading cause of failed marriages. With all the traditional stressors of marriage such as finances, kids, in laws, etc. Should you have to worry about your spouse over sharing on the world wide web?

So how does social media destroy marriages? Well I’m glad you asked. See it can start as simple as a “like”. You see your spouse liking pictures of other women or men. You don’t know these people. Why do they know these people? Why are they always scantily clad? If the likes don’t get to you then it will be the status updates or posts. Your spouse may be posting or tweeting private details that you do not want made public. What if they check in somewhere when they were supposed to be somewhere else? Oh, better yet, when they get tagged in a picture that doesn’t show them in the best light. Or you have the spouse who post super sexy photos on Instagram. You read the comments and feel there is a little too much flirting going on. How about those couples who are so in sync they have one account that they share? Yeah we all know couples like that. See what happens with those is that one spouse finds out that the other has a secret personal account. You can imagine the popcorn worthy fight that will ensue.

Enter the social media prenup. These are growing in popularity as the realization that social media is not a passing fad. Couples are drafting these to not keep their marriages intact but also to keep their divorces private. In the case that social media does ruin your marriage and you are heading toward a “conscious uncoupling” you may not want your spouse live tweeting it. A social media prenup is designed to make rules around social media in a marriage and/or divorce. It’s to protect the privacy of the couples and keep senseless arguments from happening. It’s not about jealously or a lack of trust. It’s about respecting each other to not post, comment, share, or “like” something that would offend or hurt the other.

So while you are trying to protect your money and house you may also consider protecting your business on the web.



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