They Don’t Want Your Money…Until it’s Time For A Divorce

I recently came across an article about Mary J. Blige and her soon to be ex. Click here to read the article. Apparently he is asking that the prenup they signed be tossed out as invalid. Now I don’t know the details of the prenup or why he is claiming that it is invalid, but my guess is that he now wants more money than what he would get had there been no prenup. This is a pretty common occurrence. People happily (in some cases) sign a prenup and then when it’s time for the divorce they feel they have gotten the shaft and want it invalidated.

Invalidating a prenup is not as easy as one thinks. Normally to get a prenup invalidated you have to show that the other person didn’t have an attorney (which I’m sure was not the case her), they were under duress (you know making your pregnant fiancé sign or threaten to kick her out, true story by the way), someone hid assets, or the prenup was unreasonably unfair.

I think these “invalid” claims go to show the importance of a prenup. One of the common reasons that people say they don’t need a prenup is because “they aren’t after my money.” Well they aren’t now but wait until a divorce is on the table. People change. They change a lot. And as you can see some are even fine with the prenup until they decide they want or “deserve” more.



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