What is a Sunset Clause in a Prenup?

Don’t let the sun go down on me…” I don’t know why but every time I start to talk about sunset clauses this song pops in my head.

Anyway, let’s talk about sunset clauses. I feel like people started to really ask about them after the Chris Rock divorce. I think every headline read something like “Sunset Clause Screws Chris Rock in Divorce”. So, what is a sunset clause? And should you include one in your prenup?

What is a sunset clause?

Basically it is a clause you put in your prenup that says your prenup expires. What?!? Yes your prenup can expire. Normally these are used if the couple thinks that a certain point they will be on equal footing and the prenup is no longer needed. Or they figure after a certain amount of time it really is a marriage based on love and not money, power, convenience, etc…you know the reasons most people get married. Just kidding. More and more are considering a sunset clause and it may be right for you.

There are several ways to do a sunset clauses and there is some specific language to use to help make them effective. If you are considering adding a sunset clause make sure contact a prenuptial professional.


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