What If I ask for a Prenup and they say “NO”?

You’ve popped the question and they said “YES!” Or the question got popped to you and you said, “YES!” Now you want to pop a question of your own. You do, and….. you get a big “NO!” Now what? Don’t panic. It is not the end of the world or the engagement. Relax, you can figure this out.

1.Don’t assume the worse. You need to find out why you got a “NO”. Is it fear? Misinformation? Lack of understanding? It probably is not greed.

2.Talk. You need to talk with your intended to find out why they are against the idea. At the same time you need to explain why you are into the idea.

3.Counseling. This can beneficial to couples at all stages but counseling may help flush out any hidden feelings around the idea.

4.Do as Elsa says and “Let it go.” I’m not saying just cave, but if there has been thoughtful and constructive conversations about the prenup and you both have come to an understanding that you are both happy with then you may not need to push the idea of a prenup.

Getting a “No” is not necessarily bad. It could give you a chance to really dive deep into the issues, questions, and concerns that brought upon the “No”. Most people are against a prenup because they have a skewed idea of what it really is and what it really does. Of course some people are just gold-diggers, be happy you get a “No” from them.


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